Officine Overal is a project created from Overal Srl, an Italian brand founded in 1986, which has been committed to develop marketing concepts, distribution and after-sale service.

In 2003 Overal srl, enters the eyewear market with the brand CliC, the famous magnetic connection glasses – a worldwide success patent. The creation and distribution of CliC created enthusiasm, hitting the market and creating a massive innovation.

In 2013, Overal took on the Austrian brand Seeoo, the pince-nez glasses pour excellence. Seeoo is a revisitation of the eyewear of the beginning of the 20th century, eventually modernized by Mr. Gerald Lasnik. Seeoo is now distributed in more than 25 countries.

Eyewear Artisan

Years later, in 2015, Overal took on the brand Papperlook. Papperlook glasses are created by pressing 14 paper layers together. They are made in Italy and entirely created by hand.

Since 1986, therefore, a team of professionals contributes, every day to transforming ideas into practical designs and concepts of business.

In 2016, the passion that has always characterized Overal srl gave life to a new project: Officine Overal. Officine Overal takes nothing for granted; its team find new solutions for its clients every day, by creating stylish glasses, produced with innovative materials.

The first brand presented by Officine Overal is Smorfia: a collection based on Italian traditions and beliefs, uniting quality and design.

Every day, our team controls minutely the entire creation process of the glasses, in order to guarantee the maximum quality standards and technical standards for each product.

Officine Overal is innovation, passion, originality and love for authenticity.